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The first time I heard this song, I could only imagine Madhuri dancing to it,
And I was like; why not convert this into a video using found footage.
And here I am with the first promo; I will be completing the song over the summer…

Onion Soup - Video Installation
The concept behind the installation is to enter a thought space with a visual description of my thoughts displayed through a dual projection placed at different angles on the wall. 
The projections are further layered with 4 mosquito nets which multiply the projections representing the layers of our thoughts which are constantly on different tangents in our mind.
The idea behind the installation is – No matter where we are and who we are talking to – Our physical being has no relevance to our mental being – We can be somewhere else mentally and the physical existence wont hold any importance. I have tried to create this blank space between our physical and mental being

Images showing what the video installation looked
 like with multiple projections 

Performed duties as one of the Assistant Directors for the shoot of A R Rahman's song 'Jiya Se Jiya' from the album connections with Bharatbala Productions.
Assisted in Casting, Location and shooting in New Delhi. 

For our first show in Bengaluru for Forum Theatre as part of the 
Gender Shadow Theatre Group with Evan Hastings and Arzu Mistry,
My friend, Abhishek Choudhury and I directed this promo.

Pouting Lips
Fair Skin
A short film using our hands as a medium of expression to show how the concept of beauty has been exploited today by the media and audience both. 
This Short was made as a part of Gender Shadow - A theatre Group
by Svabhu Kohli, Abhishek Choudhary and Jonathan Wilson

I'm Home
I'm Home was made under Purple Burps Productions with my crazy friend - Sibya Rosalyn 
The film revolves around on how each abandoned building is a bag full of memories from each family that has lived there and made it into a home.  


 'Pause' is a dual film that was made under the sci-fi course held in Srishti. It is also my first attempt at Science Fiction.
The world today survives on a social construct due to which the human brain has been accustomed to respond, inspire or follow the path shown to it by its surroundings – its society. The realm of society can be brought down to families. The concept of families has been depleting since the past few years – It started by Joint families followed by the concept of Nuclear families and people today are okay with the fact of not being married or remaining single; this belief has led the concept of society starting from the concept of family to abolish in the next coming years.
Due to the abolishment of society – social construct has failed - The human brain has stopped responding to emotions and is not being influenced its surroundings as in this world today – It just wishes to work for survival – the very basics – food, water, sleep. It is not aspiring to go beyond; as there is nothing to aspire it. It has chosen not to reproduce or carry on their evolution forward – As it is not influenced by humans anymore.
The present human social construct in this world has paused.
The brain has accustomed itself to follow and not to lead.

Latent Dreams 
The plot revolves around a maid who migrates from Pakistan in search of work, She gets employed at an artists home where she discovers her love for art. Noticing her passion The Artist motivates her to take it further and quit being her helper. The film is about her journey as an Artist.

The film was awarded
Best Direction and Best Cinematography 
 at the Blue Mango Young Movie maker Film Festival 2006
and was also mentioned in the 
Limca Book of Records 2006.

A Cleaner Delhi
The film was part of a report shot for NDTV Metronation as part of a show for
'I Spy With My Digital Eye'
The film was a report on how New Delhi is being tagged as the next global city but is the cities attitude and civic behaviour ready to live up to the same label.

The film was awarded 'Best Film' for the episode.

Lost Ground
This film was my first attempt towards film-making back in 2005. 
The plot revolves around a teenage girls fight around drug abuse.

The film was awarded the
Movie of the Year 2006
Best Direction 
Best Cinematography
at the Blue Mango Young Moviemaker Film Festival 2006
and was mentioned in the Limca Book of Records 2006 to be a part of the first children festival in India.

The film was made under Purple Burps Productions with my friend Sibya Rosalyn.
The film was one of our early attempts towards stop motion.
The film is about a girls infatuation with different men and how she unconsciously is in a transient space of changing herself for them.

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