Performing Gender Shadow - Forum Theatre - An interactive theatre piece raising gender issue and oppression concerns where the audience is given the chance to pause the play and replace characters on stage to take the play forward.
These 3 months with Evan Hastings and Arzu Mistry with the Gender Shadow Team were literally one of the best days of my life with constant learning and sensitizing to so many issues i was not even aware of..
At the end of creating the play we attended
The Janasaskiriti International Threatre for the Oppressed in Kolkatta
We performed 3 shows in Bengaluru and 2 in Kolkatta - 2011

To know more visit - www.gendershadow.blogspot.com

 As part of our promotional activites to promote our show Gender Shadow in Bengaluru, We dressed up as Mime artists and walked around M G Road in Bengaluru performing interactive pieces raising awarness against gender oppression and issues inviting people to come to our show

I inspired myself from minimalistic designs and created these posters for the
 Pride March


T Shirt Designs for the Bangalore Pride March inspired from the popular 
hindi movie line from 'Sholay' - 'Kitney Aadmi Thei?'
I used the following line to invite people to come and walk with the 
Pride Parade celebrating life with people from all walks of life.

In the end, I finalized this poster and the T-Shirt design above sent for the March. I took inspiration form Hindi words which are popularly used or are gestures of basic celebrations of life and each of these words pronounce gay in a celebratory manner.

So Sibya and I had to work on a recycling project - So we came up with the idea of folding newspaper strips and creating objects.
Its fast to make and sturdy to store.oject - So this is what we came up with. Simple strong objects made out of rolling a millio

So one day all of us, thats me and my friends, were really bored - We decided to paint this really boring white wall stretch near our house.
This is the wall i painted =)

Playing with image and type.